BC Lifestyle Nail Studio

Incredibly talented nail technicians who are internationally qualified will offer the best luxuries in town. Continuously conducting unparallel services to ultimately rejuvenate your looks. Bringing you the latest in luxury spa pedicure, manicures, & nail treatments. Morgan Taylor maximum hold Gel & Acrylic nail extensions services conducted with precision. Simply the best nail art for your mood and moment. Our studio is pampered by elite society of Colombo, brides, celebrities, expatriates. We will give your nail experience a new meaning by bringing luxurious feeling to your finger tips.

All our services are conducted by world class brands

Our Services


Luxurious manicures will revitalize your hands to keep them younger looking instantly.  Morgan Taylor manicure products are made from rich botanical facial ingredients. Only place in town that treats your hand not second to the face.


Morgan Taylor Pedicure will change ordinary pedicure to an extraordinary experience. Our signature pedicure is so rewarding, it has become more a ritual than a service among our clients

Nail extensions

Qualified technicians combine with world class technology for your sculpturing solutions. Healthy green formulas to re-define your nails.  Morgan Taylor nail acrylic & gel extensions are MMA free and approved by FDA.

Nail Art

Our ideas, designs has no boundaries we create art in the little space to a bold upbeat. Our creations are endless & personalize. We will create your fashion statement with hues, effects and precise detailing.